Just a little to introduce myself to those that may not know me. I am Brenda Broyles know as brendab at most sites. I have been working online for the last 18-20 years in some form some part time and some full time. You have probably seen my pages around or seen me around in some Webinar or in some TE chat. Next time you see me say Hi…. and if you need help let me know as I love to help. And if you are new just know that no question is “stupid” most likely someone else has asked it before you.

I have done many things online. To name a few: Worked in the Work at Home Mom’s community, Direct sales, Published Newsletters, Sold on Ebay, Been virtual assistant to Mary Kay Directors, and the last 5 years worked support for TimTech sites. I am now getting back into affiliate marketing and exploring other options on the internet.

Lots of people have helped me over the years and I love to “pay it forward” so if there is something I can help you with just let me know. My email is and skype is brendabroyles

June 2016 Update. I am now working support for Terry Allison at SurfAholics TE. I am also working some affiliate programs. Two that have been recently launched and are bringing me huge success are: TE Pays and Legacy Result. If you would like to look at either of these and need any help just let me know, my skype and email are above. I am also doing some free lance virtual assistant work if you have something you would like help with just let me know.