Just a short post to let you know I am still around. Had a little medical issue and family issue that set me back a little but am working on getting my affiliate links back out there and building up on them.

Having been away for awhile it is a huge task to get things organized but I found this program of Sunny’s that I am using and it is a huge help. Get organized in 3 days now no way I will get this done in 3 days but it is a huge help in the task and helps you focus and stay on task as you complete the steps. She gives you printable worksheets to help you along the way. Now Sunny has been around longer than I have and when I first started online I started following her and everything she did and learned so much from her. She was off line for a bit but has come back stronger than every with her TE Click Your Face Off. I highly recommend both of these.

I plan to make posts at least weekly in the future. If anything you would like to hear about send me a note and if it is something I can do I will take a stab at it.






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