Here I will share with you some of my favorite Traffic Exchanges. You will see I am not mentioning conversion rates or surf ratio’s. I do look at those but I do not feel they are as important as some other things. One of the main things I look for is a good responsive owner and staff. An owner that is involved with his/her exchange.  I love an exchange that is clean and easy to surf. I love to chat but only in certain chats but I also surf exchanges that do not have chat. I love the different and social exchanges.

Name Description
I love hits has the best chat in TE land. We have a lot of people that have come to know and like each other and we all love hanging out together. We also have a wide variety of people with lots of knowledge and they are all very willing to share. We are also friendly and love for new people to come in and chat with us. The TE is owned and operated by TimTech Inc. (Jon Olson, Justin Ledvina, and Tim Linden. We have daily and weekly games of bracket surfing. I Love Hits has been online since 2001 and has over 100 thousand members.
Sweeva is nearly a year old now and still going strong. I am proud to say I beta tested this one and Jon, Tim and Austin really knocked it out of the park with this one. This is a TE with a totally different concept. Everyone sees the same site at the same time and comments on it. You bid to get your sites seen on a certain day and in a certain time slot. There are so many ways to win credits and Experience points and level up. You can win ribbons and trophies for your sites and lots of variety here. It takes some getting used to since it is so different but it is well worth the effort. This Te has also been a good commission maker for me.
Tezak Traffic Power owned by Tony Tezak and KRM. I joined and upgraded in this TE the first day it launched and have been an upgraded member since. Tony is a very responsive owner and takes good care of his exchange and his members. He wants to hear from members and even has a members meeting twice a month (see my events page for time and date). There is no chat here but still love the design and easy surfing here. Tony and his support staff work hard to keep the exchange running very smooth and you can tell it by only surfing here for a bit.
Traffic Splash owned by KRM (Paul Kinder and Tim Rash). This exchange has been around for a while. Well run, clean surf and fast support. Lots of ways to win Credits and Impressions. No Chat here but remember I said I did surf TE without chat and this is one of my daily surfs that I rarely miss. Of course we all take a day off now and then. KRM is also owner of AF and Paul is quite active in the Saturday meetings there (check my event page for time and link to room)
Start Exchangeis owned by the TimTech guys and war previously owned, developed and operated by Tim Linden. This does have a very active chat and usually people in there talking most any time of day or night. Team surfing is also available here. I have been a member of a team in the past but right now do not feel I can commit enough time to be a part of a team. There is also a great PM system and forum for networking. This is a social Traffic Exchange where you can tweet or Facebook sites you like. 
free manual traffic exchange Thumbvu originally owned and operated by John Guanzan but recently purchased by TimTech Jon Olson, Tim Linden and Justin Ledvina. This TE is about 1 1/2 years old and still growing strong. This is another one I call my babies because I also beta tested this one. Very social networking site with multiple ways for you to get yourself out there and meet people. Chat is active most of the time. Here you will choose from three thumbnails which page you actually want to see so you are getting much more targeted traffic. Great profile where you can list all your social sites and when your page shows people are given the chance to connect with you. I get tons of Twitter followers from here. TimTech are very active owner ands and you will find them surfing in the chat lots of times. New Thumbmaster program is relatively new and I am sure the TimTech guys have more planned for this site.

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