I want to thank everyone for their pm, and skypes of concern and well wishes. I am no longer with TimTech as of Sept. 14, 2015. I have only a couple of things to say. First it was not my choice but I am ok with it now and will continue online.

Second a part of my heart will always be with TimTech, I was there since the beginning. I wish TimTech and everyone there the best and much success. I will continue to support them in their programs.

Now for the next step. First I have not fully decided. I have been enjoying surfing and getting some rest the last two weeks. I have thought about where to go from here. I have been offered some jobs but not sure they are what I want at this time. I have been offered to work with someone on a project but again not sure. I have some affiliate programs that I have let slide but are still paying me so I am sure I will get them going again. I do know that I will be helping my son and daughter get an ebay business going.

I had a very good one going many years ago, I know things are quite different but still believe if done the right way it can be a very profitable business. I have been in TE for 15-18 years and plan to incorporate them in some way into whatever I do. Some have encouraged me to write a book. I started one many years ago maybe I will bring it out and dust it off and rework it or maybe I will start new and go in a totally different direction. I know I am not a writer but I know I will be using this site to do some blogging.

My WHY for being in this industry or even in life is to help people and I will continue with that in anyway I can….. My email address is brendab1947@gmail.com and my skype is brendabroyles from TN feel free to contact me if you need me.
Someone once told me to “stay the course” well there has been a bump in my course and the course has changed a bit but I am here.

Again I deeply appreciate the outpouring of concern, love and support. I have some AWESOME FRIENDS online that I will never forget and if you need me I am here for you.

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